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We have been capturing some 360° pictures on our trip already and while we’re still learning how to best utilize the camera to do so, we’re pretty excited by what we’re seeing already.

Anyone who has seen a sunrise that made you pause, traveled to some place that is hard to capture with words, or spent time in a place or event that is memorable has had that experience of “a picture won’t capture the immensity of this moment or place and words are limited in their ability to describe it…”

The fun thing with these 360 pictures is (hopefully) doing a better job of capturing some of that. Of course, you can’t feel the 2° Celsius wind whipping against your skin or the howl of the monkeys making your hair stand up – but hopefully you can immerse yourself just a bit more in the locations and experiences we’re exploring!

There is a link below to check out our 360 album! No sign-in or sign-up is required, so you can just open and click!

You can also click the first arrow as seen below to close the little side-menu bar OR you can click the second arrow to go “full screen”. Just press the “Esc” button when you’re ready to exit out of full screen!

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