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We have thought long and hard about how we could find the “best” of certain things around the world…we know that any sort of definitive superlative really won’t be possible but we are still interested in trying enough food and drink to have some sort of assessment 🙂 This is where you guys come in!

We already have categories in mind – best coffee, best baguettes in Paris, best hotdog (who knew that was a thing in Iceland!?) – but are asking for suggestions on what other categories we should explore! What would you want to taste around the world??

We would love to hear your fun and wacky suggestions of what you would like to hear might be a “best of” from around the world and we’ll do our best to try them and post pictures in the process!

Come on with us – let’s eat and drink around the globe in search of “the best!”

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  1. Norah Gordon

    I would have you search out the best pizza and best ice cream. To my surprise, I once found the best pizza pie I’ve ever had in a remote village of Kazakhstan and the best ice cream I’ve ever had in Moscow, Russia. I know you are not traveling to those places but it was interesting to me how much those items varied from anything I’ve found in the states. The pizza crust was a perfect combo of hand tossed and crispy with four cheeses including Gouda and goat. The ice cream was a thick, creamy custard that even Goodberrys hasn’t mastered. Also, delight in beautiful pastries that are more like works of art. And don’t miss out on the basics in any one place, such as plain croissants in Paris.

  2. Tiffany

    Not a food or drink, but best beach(es)!

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