This is one of Elizabeth’s favorite holidays so we knew we had to 1) book a place with a kitchen and 2) figure out a way to cook a Thanksgiving meal from the other side of the globe to celebrate!

We scouted the best places for produce and general grocery shopping and got to work! Not only was it difficult to figure out a full Thanksgiving menu for only two people (major respect for those that do this every year) but we had to think of replacement products and dishes when we couldn’t find things that would be “easy” back home. Couldn’t find cranberries. Couldn’t find brussel sprouts. Couldn’t find pumpkin or pecan pie. So we got creative!

The feast turned out to be beautiful and tasty and we’re so grateful to have celebrated one of our favorite holidays, even if it was a day ahead and on the other side of the world! Sending lots of love to friends and family on this wonderful Thanksgiving!

See you all NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!

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