We knew going into this trip that we had a marathon few days of travel in late June – but for the best of reasons!! My brother Jon was getting married in Hawaii!!

So…we left Venice, Italy…took 3 flights (Venice to Zurich to San Francisco to Honolulu) over the course of about 30 hours and headed to an incredible wedding weekend for Jon and his lovely new bride Summer! We literally left from the other side of the world – 12 time zone differences – and never *really* figured out what day or time it was for about a week but we loved every minute of this celebration weekend.

We got to spend a long weekend catching up with family, taking in the beautiful sights at the Turtle Bay Resort at the North Shore and participating in Jon and Summer’s incredible wedding and celebration. If you can’t tell from the pics below, it was truly a spectacular time and worth every hour of the flight times there and back – check out out happy they look and what a COOL party it was in the middle of the jungle valleys of Hawaii!!

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